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Complete Guide to Successful Event Planning

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The most thorough, concise, and easy to follow event planning book available. From the initial concept to ongoing management, this book has techniques to increase your chances of success and systems to avoid many common mistakes. It shows you dozens of ways to save time and money and introduces you to every facet of the planning process. This ultimate guidebook equips the reader with new ideas, support, and creative problem-solving skills. The chapters follow the dynamics of the actual event planning process and are supported by extensive checklists and timelines. As the reader undertakes the complexities of daily responsibilities and tasks, Successful Event Planning inspires efficiency and confidence and makes it possible to stay on track. Whether you are a professional or a novice, you will find this guidebook a must-have if you are planning the Academy Awards or your daughter's wedding. The information found in this book is suitable for creating any event for any theme, size, location, or budget. Three significant, timely, and relevant advantages this book offers that you will not find elsewhere are: Environmental Friendly practices, Up-to-date technology applications and gadgets, Enthusiasm behind the explosive social media and social networking. 

Quick Reference Guide

Need some help right away with your planning process. This Quick Reference Guide was written to assure your event goes smoothly and successfully. This easy to follow and easy to understand Guide will help you at any stage of the planning process. Start from the beginning or quickly turn to the chapter where you may need assistance immediately. With this Guide, you do not have to go it alone. These tried and trued tips, methods and steps will make your job much easier and make you look like a professional.; Don't wait, put this Reference Guide in your library today! Here are some of the chapters that will help with your success: Finding your Primary Purpose, Where's the Money, How to Choose Dates, Times and Locations, How to Optimize Your Participants Experience, How to Get Your Message Out, Finalizing the Details, What to do on the Day of the Event and more.

ONLY $15.99

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